Frequently Asked Question

1.What is justplay Point?
Justplay Point is the digital currency develop by Justplay Media. Member can spend and earning from any justplay products. 1 usd subject to 100 justplay points. Member can redeem paypal cash Reward or any justplay items.

2.How member can earn justplay point?
Member can download and share mobile games develop by justplay to earn justplay points. Please click here to check (http://justplay18.com/?r=site/earncoin)

3.What is the minimum amount of withdrawal is available?
The minimum amount of withdrawal is 10000 justplay points.

4.Do justplay charge any membership fee?
No. you register justplay member for free wholelife and you can earn and growth with justplay together.

5.How much profit can I earn every month as justplay member?
That is no limit and you can earn as much as you wish. you can play games and share our games to earn justplay points.

6.How do i register for a justplay member account?
You can register for a free justplay Member Account on our website or by click HERE. Fill up the form and an email will be sent to the email you provided. Simply click on the link provided in the email sent by Justplay to validate your account and you're done!

7.why justplay points value?
Member can use justplay points to redeem paypal cash and any justplay products.